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Hard-Setting Machine PS-H 67H + PS-H 100H

NOW it�s possible !

With our patented new redevelopment:
Setting of hardened Bi-Metal bandsaws & Bi-Metal in soft condition & Carbide tooth-tipped bandsaws.

Setting of teeth after the hardening process (up to 68 HRC) also for carbide-tooth-tipped bandsaws.

Band width 20 � 105 mm and thickness max. 2 mm.

Multifunctional and precise setting with tolerances +/- 0,02mm:
- Goup-setting up to 150mm length
- Group-setting with variable steps & angels
- optional: Singel-tooth-setting for nonstandard bands, as well as Vario-teeth

Simple change-over to another tooth index, vernier adjustment.

Special Payout and takeup coiling system with tensionfree coiling optional: tooth-tip prevention while recoiling.

Detection of band-elongation (e.g. hardening-process, forwarding inaccuracy while milling/grinding).

Product and process parameters of all bands can be stored Simple & quick machine handling on screen for: Forwarding, Bandlength, speed and setting curf.

Prevention of miss-setting by novel measurementsystem and new forwarding-control.

Tighly arranged and little floor space required by only 6m x 2m, including coiling system.